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Our Medical Transportation Services

Express Air Medical Transport provides three main service categories, each comprehensive in scope.  For more information, click the category that best describes the service you are looking for us to provide.

Every one of the medical personnel that we employ here at Express AirMed Transport is trained in (BLS) basic life support. From the flight nurse, paramedics, to the EMS teams, basic life support administration is a part of the job description. Most basic life support procedures can be performed without the need of any specialized medical equipment.

There are many different guidelines and definitions for basic life support systems. Our highly trained and well-versed staff is trained extensively in all of them, including the latest in basic life support education and training as required by the American Medical association.

The basic life support systems cover the following conditions and circumstances:

– Cardiac arrest
– Choking
– Drowning victims
– Circulation
– Airway
– Breathing
– Artifical respiration
– Bleeding control
– Ventilation
– Stroke
– Defibrillator
– Spine support
– Hypothermia
– Pregnancy

The safety and comfort of every patient is number 1 with us.   Basic life support services are the fundamentals of that commitment.  In addition, our medical escort services that offer flight nurses for patient travel on a commercial airlines (or ours), are backed by all the right personnel and equipment when necessary.  This includes our flexible air ambulances that can land anywhere and local or long distance ambulance services when needed.

We Know Critical Care Transport

Express AirMed Transport utilizes the most state-of-the-art critical care technologies and medical equipment. Our medical transportation services incorporate basic and advanced life support capabilities.

Our critical care transpiration services offer:

– Intensive monitoring
– Critical care services
– Mobile intensive care unit
– Advanced life support
– Basic life support

Every critical care transport patient has unique medical needs.  On average our critical care transport teams transport over 5000 patients a year, to nearly every state in the nation, including Mexico, Canada and beyond.

Every adult critical care patient that we transport comes staffed with a respiratory therapist, registered nurse and physician as needed. All critical care neonatal patients that we transport come staffed with a neonatal nurse practitioner or neonatal intensive care nurse, including a respiratory therapist.  This insures the absolute best care throughout the critical care transportation and hospital transfer.

Fully staffed and functional flying and mobile ICU:

– Fixed wing jet transport
– Medical helicopter transport if needed
– Mobile ground ICU arrangements

Over the last decade that our critical care transport service has been in business, we have assisted hundreds of critically ill and injured patients within our mobile intensive care units. This includes critical care transportation by our fleet of air ambulances.

We’re Ready When You Are

Our highly trained and experienced critical care transport team is on standby, rain or shine, 24 hours a day. We are ready to assist you! To schedule your critical care transport immediately call us at 800-304-8094.

For more information about out BLS basic life support systems you can email us here or call us directly on our 24 hour hotline. 800-304-8094


Our Medical Escorts Provide Comfort and Security on Commercial Flights

Compassion is what makes our medical escort services different from the other medical escort businesses. Every one of our medical escort personnel is hand selected not just because of the amount of time that they have been in the medical industry, but also by their caring personality. At Air Express Medical Transportation we believe that it is the staff that determines the success of a business. It’s this credo that we have followed since we went into business over a decade ago, and is what has driven our medical escort business into one of the leading medical escort businesses in the global community.

There are many instances when you will want to hire our medical escort services. For many older patients they require help with oxygen, getting on and off airplanes, and moving their stretcher or wheelchair to pickup and drop off locations. A medical escort will be there every step of the journey as a caring companion to assist with basic monitoring, medications and organization of the journey.

Bed to bed, hospital to hospital, point A to B, our medical escort services are your helping hand

Not every medical transportation service requires a physician, nurse or paramedic. In many instances all that is needed is a helping hand to assist the patient throughout the journey. Whether they are relocating via commercial stretcher, ground ambulance or other mode of transportation, a medical escort companion is a wise idea. Confidence and peace of mind is assured.

Our medical and flight escort service will be with the patient every step of the journey for assistance with ambulance and flight booking, ground transportation pickup and drop off, as general security, and companionship. Our escort service personnel will also help with aircraft boarding and ambulance transfers. It’s a great feeling to know that someone is there for you every step of the way.

It can be stressful relocating or travelling between hospitals to receive treatments. With a medical escort service like ours you can be rest assured of a smooth transfer between facilities and of a comfortable journey. Relax, we are there for you!

Prior to any medical escort service that we provide we always obtain the patients medical report to insure the best mode of transportation and assigned personnel for the journey. Our patients health and well being is paramount! If you would like to learn more about our medical escort services and all of the other medical transportation services that we offer contact us now at 800-304-8094.


We Cover the Americas, the Caribbean, and the World

We can provide or arrange for medical flights anywhere in the world.  In addition to fixed wing aircraft, we now have a jet in our fleet and we will be continuing to expand.

Once Again, We Can Arrange Everything

Don’t be intimidated by the complexity of an international medical flight.  We can still provide bed-to-bed service.  Your connections, ground transportation, and insurance arrangements are covered.


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