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We are a direct operator specializing in emergency and non-emergency air ambulance flights. There are no middle men or broker fees. We will handle every detail and provide one call, bedside to bedside medical transportation –from the time you pick up the phone to the safe transport of your patient, friend or loved one to their destination.

Our Patient First Promise

Only when you make every aspect of your operation a priority can the patient truly come first, and that’s what we do.  By putting together the best team of medical professionals for your flight, and paying attention to every detail when it comes to keeping our equipment top condition, we put the patient first.  First in safety.  First in care.  First in our minds.  That’s what we do.  That’s how we fly.

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With bases nationwide and international services, we’re ready to help with all of your medical transportation needs.

Ground Transportation & Insurance

For the convenience of our clients we have in-house dispatch and insurance departments to handle your ground connections and insurance billing.  Please call us for more information regarding your insurer and eligibility.

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  • We're a direct operator, not a broker.  We own the planes and all medical personnel are employed by us.
    Express Air Medical Transport That's How We Fly
  • We have a dispatch center that is available to help with your transport 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.
    Express Air Medical Transport That's How We Fly
  • Our insurance department can not only check eligibility, but can file all necessary claims on your behalf.
    Express Air Medical Transport That's How We Fly